Pet Dental Cleanings

Pet Dental Cleanings

Our priority at Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery Fort Collins is to provide world-class care for your pet. Annual professional dental cleanings under anesthesia are essential in maintaining your dog or cat’s overall health. You can depend on us for a safe and comprehensive dental cleaning.

We are committed to reducing stress and anxiety for your pet during their visit. Each pet has a specific anesthesia plan formulated for their individual needs, which may include medications to be given prior to the procedure. Your pet will receive a complete physical and oral exam and pre-anesthetic blood work before anesthesia.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

Our procedures are based on the standards set by the American Veterinary Dental CollegeTM (AVDC). We refer to our dental cleaning treatments by an acronym known as COHAT (comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment).

  1. After placing a patient under general anesthesia, a licensed veterinary technician will monitor your pet’s heart rate and rhythm, breathing, blood pressure, and body temperature.
  2. After diagnostic imaging, a complete oral exam will be performed by a veterinarian.
  3. You will be contacted to discuss the findings, and we will review a treatment plan with you. With your consent, most treatments are completed on the same day.
  4. Dental procedures can be painful. Pain prevention is taken very seriously at our clinic with multimodal pain relief, including local anesthesia, injectable pain medication, and pain medication to go home.
  5. We monitor our patients closely post-operatively until they have recovered enough to go home.
  6. Discharge instructions will be emailed to you and reviewed when you pick up your pet. You will be provided with the cell phone number of a doctor in case you need to reach someone after hours.

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