Veterinary Colleagues

Veterinary Dentistry Referral Information

At Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery Fort Collins, we work closely with our referring veterinary colleagues to provide your patients with the highest level of care. We appreciate your trust and confidence in referring your patients to our dental practice.

Please contact us if you would like to consult with a doctor on a particular case or have questions regarding a patient currently undergoing treatment at our clinic.

Dental Radiograph Consultation

If you have questions about dental radiographs, we would be happy to review them. Radiographs may be emailed to Please include the patient and client name, signalment, and a brief history. Images should be sent in a jpeg format or as a website link. Unless instructed otherwise, we will reply to the email address from which the images were sent.


We welcome any phone calls or email communication to assist you in referring a client. You can send them to any of our locations in Colorado: Fort Collins, Castle Pines, Englewood, or Colorado Springs. All records and lab results will be emailed to your office within 24 hours.